What to do when a loved one dies


The death of a loved one is an emotional time that can seem overwhelming.  No matter how prepared you thought you were, the flood of emotions and feelings of emptiness and dread were more than you could have expected.  You know you should grieve, but there is a nagging anxiousness that there are things that need to be done, and you don't know what they are or when to do them.

  • How do you handle Social Security?
  • Are you responsible for debts?  Who pays them? How?
  • How can you be sure your loved one's wishes will be carried out?

Maybe you had an attorney prepare a will or trust.  But with everything that is going on, you don't know what's in it or how it works.  Your attorney told you it would be simple, but now you don't know where to start.

Your attorney could help you, but it may be days before you can see him and your worried that you'll have to spend a fortune.  In the meantime, what happens if you miss a deadline?


imagine the peace of mind that comes with having all the answers at your fingertips.


Just knowing what steps to take next and having a plan can remove so much stress from your life during this difficult time.  My name is Dean Hanewinckel and as an attorney and as a family member, I've experienced this from more than one vantage point.  For more than 30 years, I have helped my clients plan their estates and guided their families during their administration.  When my own father passed away, I felt fortunate to have the knowledge and experience to help my family through the settling of his estate.  I could only imagine the dilemma of those who had to face the burden of a process they knew little about in addition to the emotions of their loss.


now you can have that peace of mind.

What To Do When A Loved One Dies - A Survivor's Guide is a system that enables you to settle your loved one's estate with the ease and confidence of a bank trust officer.  While most state's probate laws require you to hire an attorney for some actions, the majority of estate settlements are straightforward and can be quickly and efficiently accomplished by a lay person.  With the help of this   book, you can gain a working understanding of the process and settle a loved one's affairs without paying a fortune in legal fees.

Did You Know That:

  • Most jointly owned property contains a "right of survivorship" which allows for transfers of property and accounts with nothing more than a death certificate?
  • Revocable trusts are designed to keep property out of the probate process and most transfers from the trust after the owner's death can be done without legal assistance?
  • Only the deceased person's probate estate is responsible for his debts in most states?


What's in What To Do When A Loved One Dies- A Survivor's Guide? And how can it help you?


  • A step-by-step guide.  The book begins with THE SURVIVOR'S CHECKLIST, your starting point for settling the estate.  This checklist will quickly outline the steps you need to take.  If you need deeper knowledge of an item or procedure, THE SURVIVOR'S CHECKLIST, directs you to the part of the book that goes more in-depth.
  1. The secrets of the types of property ownership.  You will learn how to handle jointly owned property, accounts with Transfer on Death designations and property titled in the name of a trust, just to give a few examples.
  2. Paying bills.  Family members are often concerned about who is liable for the payment of the deceased person's debts.  This guide shows you how to handle creditors and gives you the proper procedure for paying those debts.
  3. Social Security.  The book tells you how to determine whether and how much you can receive as benefits.  It gives you the procedure for dealing with payments received by the deceased person both before and after his death.
  4. Probate.  Get a method of determining whether certain property will be subject to probate.  Gain an understanding of the probate process and what to do if you are named as an executor.
  5. Real Estate Transfers.  One of the most difficult aspects of settling an estate is disposing of the real estate.  You will learn how to manage real estate in a trust or probate estate, how to find a buyer, how to protect you and the beneficiaries from "investors" looking to take advantage of the situation and steal the property.  How to determine a purchase price and how to review and understand a contract for sale of the property.  This is only a small sample of the information in this book relating to the sale and disposition of real estate.
  6. IRA Beneficiary.  There are many factors which affect the distribution options available to a beneficiary after the IRA owner's death.  The complexity of these options together with the costly consequences of making the wrong choice cause beneficiaries a lot of stress.  What To Do When A Loved One Dies provides the factors necessary to determine which distribution option is the most advantageous to a beneficiary.
  7. Forms and Letters.  Included in this guide are forms that you can use in the administration of a deceased persons estate and letters to clearly communicate to other parties in the process what you require to settle the deceased person's affairs. 


Settle Your Loved One's Affairs Without Spending a Fortune in Legal Fees
This Book is Your Source for Peace of Mind



Number 1:  Peace of Mind.

All of the uncertainty can weigh on your mind during this difficult time.  Knowing what to do and having a plan will relieve a lot of stress and anxiety.  The book's checklist format puts you in control of the situation and gives order to you life.


Number 2:  Gives you the Tools as Well as Confidence.

What To Do When A Loved One Dies - A Survivor's Guide takes you step-by-step through the settlement process.  I've removed the legalese and made the process easy to understand.  In the rare instances you do see a legal term, you'll be able to find a definition (written in plain English) in the Glossary of Terms.  Plus, there are ready to use forms and letters to help you succeed.


Number 3:  Experience and Expertise.

This book contains the experience, knowledge and secrets I've compiled during more than 30 years of helping clients settle their loved ones' estates.  To get this information from an attorney, you would have to pay anywhere from $200 to $300 an hour.





Dean Hanewinckel